Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A commando Police-Kerala

A commando Police-Kerala, originally uploaded by Arun Kumar Sinha.

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Unknown said...


Let me congratulate you on your photos. They are excellent and of publish quality! I can see that you used filters and post-production techniques to refine some of the pictures. Excellent view.

I was introduced to your photo-blog by a friend of mine, Sudheesh Nair. I am currently in California and try to capture the scenes of Trivandrum, whenever I am in India.

I am yet to go over all of them. But this photo evoked a question in me. If it is not confidential, can you clarify my questions?

I am a bit of a weapons buff. So I was surprised to find the INSAS rifle with a Kerala Police officer. Deducing from the camo of his uniform and from the binoculars, I am assuming his role is kind of like a counter-sniper? What event was this? Was it a Kerala Police public interaction event and general public is allowed in?