Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lions Golf Course, BSF, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Border Security Force, Gujarat frontier has developed a beautiful golf course in its campus situated at Chiloda Road, Gandhinagar. This golf course is conceived, designed and developed by Arun Kumar Sinha IPS, IG BSF, Gujarat Frontier. The golf course is quite challenging and it has fourteen holes so far. The lush green golf course situated within the campus of Frontier Headquarter is fastly becoming a paradise for golf lovers of Gandhinagar and Ahmadabad. It is designed in such a manner that it gives new challenge in each fairway. You can find long trees lining the fairways. In some holes you have to cross the trees. So only skilled golfer can conquer this course. It is named after the formation sign of Gujarat frontier I.e Gir lion.  Playing in this course is as if you are fighting the lion.  You can find water bodies located at the strategic point. If you are not calculative then you are certainly to land in water. Par 3s are very difficult. One has to be extra brilliant with the swings to be on greens. You have long par 4s. The longest par 4 is 466 yard. The fairways are designed in such a way that even professional players find it difficult to make par.  Par 5s are dog legs. One has to be extra careful about the trees when playing par 5s. it is brilliantly designed to meet the requirements of enthusiastic golfers. You have to be a really strategist to play in this course.