Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Haraminala- action by BSF, Gujarat frontier

BSF Foils infiltration in sir creek

BSF in Gujarat India

63RD Republic day celebration in Gujarat frontier of Border Security Force, India

Republic day celebration in BSF Campus Gandhinagar, Gujarat Frontier

Tv9 Gujarat - IG of BSF headquarters awarded medal by President of India

BSF camel safari 2010, to explore remote areas of the desert

Border Security Force ( BSF ) - Duty unto Death

Border Security Force ( BSF ) - Duty unto Death

Border Security Force (BSF) Gujarat Frontier, Gujarat, India

Border Security Force ( BSF), Gujarat India

Layout of Green no 3 in Lions Golf course, BSF, Gujarat, India

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Morning view- Lions Golf Course, BSF, Gujarat, india

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Morning view- Lions Golf Course, BSF, Gujarat, India

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Golfism follows the middle path- Lions Golf Course- Border Security Force, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Club House- Lions Golf Course, Border Security Force, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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A view of Lions Golf Course Border Security Force, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Green heaven- Lions Golf Course, Border Security Force, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Lions Golf Course Border Security Force, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Wild Rose

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gujarat BSF IG gets President medal

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat BSF chief, IGP A K Sinhawas awarded the President's Police Medal for distinguished services on the occasion of BSF Raising Day in New Delhi by Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde. 

A science graduate born in Jharkhand, Sinha, 49, joined the Indian Police Service in 1987 and was allotted to the Kerala Cadre. He joined BSF in 2009 as IG BSF Gujarat. Sinha has been credited with streamlining border domination along the entire Gujarat frontier and having successfully stopped illegal activities. 

Under his leadership, the BSF gained access to once inaccessible Harami Nala area and established posts there, due to which illegal intrusions by Pakistan nationals have been completely restricted. 

He was awarded the President's Police Medal for Meritorious Service in 2003. The President of India conferred the President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service to him in 2011. 

The medal was presented on BSF Raising Day - December 10, 2012 at New Delhi. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kerala Police Sports meet- Arun Kumar Sinha with Home minister Kerala and senior officers

looking up- self photography by Arun Kumar Sinha

Arun Kumar Sinha, IG South Zone Kerala, with senior officers of Kerala Police

Kerala Police Sports meet- Arun Kumar Sinha standing behind Home minister kerala and Director General of Police Kerala

Arun Kumar Sinha, IG BSF, Gujarat Frontier

Arun Kumar Sinha, IG South Zone Kerala Police delivering speech.

Crime Stopper Cell- Brain child of Arun Kumar SinhaInformation is the backbone of better and modern policing. No Police setup can function effectively without an information collection system. The prevention and detection of crime mainly depends upon the information that Police collects from the public. Many good citizens are willing to share information about crime and criminals. But, for fear of being exposed or further questioning by police, they do not come forward and on most occasions they prefer to withhold the information with themselves.

It was in this situation, a people friendly mechanism called ?Crime Stopper Cell? was constituted in Thiruvananthapuram City in the year 1995 by the then City Police Commissioner Shri: Arunkumar Sinha IPS. The City Police is always firmly resolved to give the citizens an efficient, transparent and responsive apparatus for the prompt and timely enforcement of law to redress their woes and agonies. Apart from open registration of cases, the focus was mainly on prevention of crimes in society by sharpening the edges of such a people friendly initiate. The main aims and objectives of this mechanism are to encourage good citizens to share information about crimes and criminals over phone without revealing their identity and thereby help police to curb the crimes in the society.

The System consists a toll-free telephone line and Computer aided Desk having been manned by an HC/PC round the Clock to provide assistance to the public in stress. As desired by the higher-ups, the way of its functioning has been well clearly spelled out to public many a time or where ever possible, as such that anyone can share any information with police without exposing their whereabouts. Any Citizens who comes to know anybody to commit a crime or having information that a wanted criminal is camping at a hide-out or having any other information which is of use to the police from the law & order point of view etc, are heartily encouraged to give such information to the Crime Stopper Cell keeping informant?s name and address concealed. The person on duty at Crime Stopper Cell who attends such calls would at once register the complaint and the informant will be informed of the action taken by police. For this purpose, a computer-generated code will be given to the informant on receiving a message from him. When such informants call later citing the code given, the substance of the action taken would be orally communicated to him then and there. A suitable computer program has also been developed for storing or transmitting the information and for maintaining a permanent track of upkeeping records etc. As soon as the information is received in the Crime Stopper Cell, its content is keyed in Computer and the print-out thereon is forwarded to the appropriate field Officer as decided by the Commissioner of Police for verification. Similar facility as above is now incorporated with Police Web Portal also for enabling the public to register online complaints with the Police anonymously and the same bridges the barrier between the Police and Public. The system has very much helped in the detection of so many cases including grave crimes. Since the Crime Stopper Cell in Tvpm City has meanwhile proved its credibility and reliability as above, there had been an increase of about 50 per cent in the number of complaints received. The calls received are of in different kind, which mostly relates to antisocials, goondas, drugg-peddlers, ferrying of illicit liquor, abuse over mobile phones, traffic offenders etc. The calls on child abuse and sexual assault are also received in the Cell. As an emergency help-line, the Cell extends its hands of help to all who need it. In short, the Crime Stopper Cell is highly helpful to the residents in the City to redress their grief without appearing in Police Stations in person. Finally, the Crime Stopper Cell also functions as a Grievance Cell which aims at protecting the rights of public and to curb the commissioning of crimes. This really helps the rehabilitation and social integration of unwanted elements in our community. Above all it has made a break-through for the concept of community policing which aims to insulate the public from the threat of criminal harassment.

President's Medal to Arun Kumar Sinha

BSF, SIB, state police officials awarded President’s Medal

Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau
Posted On Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 11:42:17 PM
Arun Kumar Sinha, IG, BSF Gujarat(L), A S Rajan, Joint Director of SIB (R)
IPS Arun Kumar Sinha, Inspector General of Border Security Force (BSF), Gujarat Frontier, and 17 police officers from the state, including the director general of police Chitranjan Singh, and the Joint Director of Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau (SIB) have been awarded the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service. The medals will be handed over to them at the Raj Bhavan, New Delhi, on Independence Day today. 

Police sources said the four IPS (Indian Police Service) officers to be awarded with the Special Service Police Medal, along with Singh, are V J Gautam, T S Bist, Gunwant Trivedi and I M Desai. While cops who will bag the Medal of Appreciation are Nasrulla Mallek, Samjibhai Parmar, Maganbhai Vaghela, Pravinchandra Parmar, Girivarsingh Rathod, Mohan Gohel, Abdulwahab Makrani, Babulal Pandor, Hiten Jani, Dhirubhai Bavliya, Gamanlal Gamit and Hamirbhai Parmar.

IPS Arun Kumar Sinha, IG of Frontier HQ BSF, Gujarat, who joined the Indian Police Service in 1987 in the Kerala Cadre, has bagged the award for his impeccable integrity, dedication and unblemished service of 23 years in the force. A S Rajan, Joint Director of SIB  was also conferred with the President police medal for his distinguished services. He was awarded Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Services in 2004.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lions Golf Course, BSF, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Border Security Force, Gujarat frontier has developed a beautiful golf course in its campus situated at Chiloda Road, Gandhinagar. This golf course is conceived, designed and developed by Arun Kumar Sinha IPS, IG BSF, Gujarat Frontier. The golf course is quite challenging and it has fourteen holes so far. The lush green golf course situated within the campus of Frontier Headquarter is fastly becoming a paradise for golf lovers of Gandhinagar and Ahmadabad. It is designed in such a manner that it gives new challenge in each fairway. You can find long trees lining the fairways. In some holes you have to cross the trees. So only skilled golfer can conquer this course. It is named after the formation sign of Gujarat frontier I.e Gir lion.  Playing in this course is as if you are fighting the lion.  You can find water bodies located at the strategic point. If you are not calculative then you are certainly to land in water. Par 3s are very difficult. One has to be extra brilliant with the swings to be on greens. You have long par 4s. The longest par 4 is 466 yard. The fairways are designed in such a way that even professional players find it difficult to make par.  Par 5s are dog legs. One has to be extra careful about the trees when playing par 5s. it is brilliantly designed to meet the requirements of enthusiastic golfers. You have to be a really strategist to play in this course.